What is this brand all about?

Aptayn in not just another brand. Aptayn stands for more than six letters. Those six letters are a combination of more.
Aptayn stands for obtaining your aspirations and attaining your goals.
Here at Aptayn, it is our mission to empower you to experience the emotion of exceeding your imaginary limits.
We want people to be able to pursue their aspirations and goals. Whether it is a physical barrier such as a sub-3-hour marathon, being able to run for 1 hour, removing those limiting thoughts during their everyday battles or reaching goals that seemed impossible a few weeks ago.
So whatever your own imaginary limits might be. Whether they are physical barriers set by yourself or limiting mental toughness, most importantly, they are not true limitations.
They are all imaginary.
We are all capable of more.
More than we ever imagined.
Exceed your imaginary limits.